Athinolia (Mild) Ultra Premium EVOO




Crush Date: November 2019

Country of Origin: Greece

Fragrant, malty & creamy with notes of dried herbs and pine nut.  This is an extremely early harvest example from Greece,

harvested in early November.  This variety matures slowly and is typically collected in late December though January.


Biophenols: 272.3         FFA: .28

Oleic Acid: 75.9           PPP: <1.0

              DAGs: 93.3                Squalene: 4,590.8

     A-Tocopherols: 238.5


     Organoleptic Taste Panel:

Fruitiness: 5.0     Bitterness: 3.3    Pungency: 3.5

Additional information

Weight N/A

200 ml, 375 ml


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